Asia Pacific Smart Cities Tech Fest

Join us for a selection of curated online educational seminars covering the latest topics and trends from the smart city world. Check out some of the listed topics below. 

Build your network, gain knowledge, and meet like-minded people, business and policy experts, academic researchers, and decision makers from the smart city community


IoT &
Industry 4.0

City command centres &
integration opportunities

Emergency management
& comminications

Sustainability & Net Zero

Mobility & 5G Networks

Policy & Governance

Smart Buildings

Video Analytics & Sensors

Past guests

Featured on our MySmartTech.TV channel

Greg Alcorn

Director, Global Sales & Customer Success

Mark Deuter

Managing Director, Aerometrex

Michael Doherty

Head of Business Development, Smarter City Solutions

Coby Hanoch

CEO, Weebit Nano

Steve Hoy

CEO, Enosi

Ian Richardson

Chairman, KNX National Group

Bob Sharon

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Blue IoT

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